Toilet Fizzies

These are such a great little addition to our cleaning range. They really are no fuss and little effort. Just throw them into the toilet bowl and walk away! They are formulated to ensure that odours will be a thing of the past and they even slowly get rid of that pesky iron staining.

I tend to throw the fizzie into the toilet, let it start it's fizzing and then scoop it around the bowl with a toilet brush to ensure it gets under the rim, simple but it really works well.

If you are having these sent to you they will come in a waxed coated kraft brown bag as shipping the glass is not cost effective.

Ingredients: coconut cleansers, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium borate, witch hazel, rosemary, peppermint and tea tree essential oil, indigo powder

Cautions: Please ensure these are kept out of the way of children and pets, as they are not water based the ingredients, although biodegradable and septic safe, are not safe to be ingested.

18 fizzies (approx. 250g)

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