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Stain Removing Spray

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Our Stain Removing Spray tackles lots of those annoying stains on clothes, fabrics and carpets around the home. Use it on grease, spaghetti sauce, make-up and unknown stains, it consistently removes any trace of the stain. The ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic so you can use without worrying about adding toxicity into your home and the environment. We have added enzymes and bicarbonate of soda to give that extra natural cleaning and deodorizing boost.

This spray does have the ability to bleach some fabrics/carpets, please ensure you spot check in an inconspicuous area to make sure the outcome is what you are looking for.

Ingredients: filtered water, hydrogen peroxide (soda ash based oxygenating bleach), decyl glucoside (plant based cleanser), sodium bicarbonate (ore based cleanser, deodorizer), potassium sorbate (mountain ash based preservative),  enzymes (amino acid proteins, cleansers)

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