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Smith & Sayer

Solid Dish Soap

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Our All natural Solid Dish Soap creates full, foamy, cleansing lather that cuts through grease and leaves your dishes squeaky clean. The activated charcoal helps to break down the food deposits, the essential oils are selected for their cleaning power and they smell nice! This soap is NOT what is called "superfatted" in other words no extra fats are added so you will get much less of the deposits normally seen with cold process soaps.

You can also use this soap to clean your bathroom, worktop, whatever!

This is a hand made, small batch, cold processed soap, as such the product may vary from the image shown. Weights listed are approx. but will be within a gram or two of the stated amount.

Although Lye (sodium hydroxide) is listed in the ingredients, this ingredient is converted during the soap making process and does not exist in its starting form within the finished soap.

Ingredients: coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, orange essential oils. 

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