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Linen - Room - Body Spray

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Our Linen - Room - Body - Fabric Sprays are 100% all natural and will not add toxic chemicals to your home or office environment. They don't overpower and linger in a lovely soft and gentle way. Packaged in clear glass 500mL bottles with unobtrusive labels, you can leave them out, no need to hide them away!

All types contain pure essential oils and/or organic natural fragrance oils. We spray onto our linen when ironing for a lasting, wonderfully light scent. Can also be used as a body spray, just mist the air and walk through the mist.

One use you may not have thought of is on the air outlet of your vacuum, give the air outlet a quick mist and your room will smell lovely as you vacuum and for some time afterwards!

Please use with caution around animals and children and those sensitive to essential oils. Avoid spraying directly onto the floor.

Tuscan HIlls - evocative and masculine mix of fir needles, sandalwood and a hint of spices

Floridian - florals, spice, cutrus and lemongrass give this complex scent a light and uplifting aroma that's bright and invigorating

Rainforest - jasmine, cedarwood and thyme give this a slightly floral but lovely damp woodland walk feel

French Riviera - complex, bright, woodsy with a hint of lavender and slightly sweet

Heartland - native across the US heartland blue sage adds a lovely herby scent with sweet basil to add some fresh greens

Provence - a green floral mix of lavender, myrtle and geranium with a tiny touch of lilac, calming and soothing

To use: shake well and spray!

Ingredients: Filtered water, essential oils and/or organic natural fragrance oils, natural emulsifier, potassium sorbate (natural preservative)


**Please note spray attachment may be natural or white coloured due to availability issues, bottle will remain clear glass**