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Calming Oat Leave In Conditioner

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This may just help with your morning routine or straight out of the bath screaming match. If you have a child with long fine hair, you will know what I mean!

This lovely concoction has quite a few ingredients that work well together to make brushing through hair a breeze. Once applied to either wet or dry hair this smooths and calm the hair strands to give you shiny, frizz-free locks all day.

We've added: Honey - to combat dry ends; Oat - to improve brushability; Aloe - for it's wonderful smoothing and moisturizing; natural silicone replacements - to add shine and keep that frizz away; castor oil - to battle split ends and protect from heat styling; propanediol - helps to get the goodness absorbed into your hair; peppermint - to combat greasiness; eucalyptus Lemon for it's uplifting scent. All of these ingredients are naturally derived.


Spray onto either wet or dry hair, avoid the scalp area. Leave to absorb for a couple of minutes then gently brush through. Enjoy that shine!


Distilled water, honeyquat, coconut derived conditioning agents, glycerin, sodium lactate, aloe vera, castor oil, oat proteins, natural silicone replacements, peppermint and eucalyptus lemon essential oils, natural sugar based preservative

60mL; 250 mL; 500mL Refill Pouch

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