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Smith & Sayer

Light Face Lotion

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This lotion is light and easily absorbed, great if your face tends to have an oily 'T' section or is oily in general. It's also great for sensitive skin as it has so few ingredients and all are unlikely to cause sensitivities.

Olive squalane is a luxurious skin ingredient that is absorbed fast, protects against the elements and will not clog pores. A touch of sunflower oil brings the benefits of eliminating acne causing bacteria, it also evens the skin tone, is non-comedogenic and minimizes pore size.

It has a very gentle scent which doesn't linger. It's also great as a cleanser, just spread on the face and clean off with a moistened cotton or reusable pad. I use this in the winter as a cleanser as its gentle and doesn't strip the skin at all.

Ingredients: distilled water, Olive Squalane, Sunflower Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, sweet orange essential oil, vanilla flower organic fragrance oil, Geogard ECOcert preservative