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Laundry Powder

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Our Laundry Powder is what started our entire product range. If you have skin sensitivities this may be the perfect product for you and it is ideal for baby clothes. It is formulated with the least ingredients possible to give a great clean without being harsh. The ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic so you can use without worrying about adding toxicity into your home and the environment. Our soap is homemade from 100% coconut oil, this way we know exactly whats in it.

It is suitable for HE washers and top loaders and this will not leave deposits in your machine that turn to mold as such there is no need to clean your washer with chlorine bleach. Our homemade 100% coconut oil soap is not superfatted, as such, it will not leave any kind of soap scum as ALL the oil turns into soap, this wouldn't be nice to wash you hands with but it's perfect for laundry! Our formula works best on washes with warm water, is you are washing in cold water use less product.

The amount you use will depend on a few factors but in formulating this we have discovered that you actually need way less than you think! We suggest:

One Scoop

- HE machines

- small to normal loads

 Two Scoops

- gym/sports clothes

- areas with very hard water

- very dirty loads

- large loads

500 g recycled paper bags, up to 50 washes - 10g wooden scoop supplied

Ingredients: sodium carbonate (mineral based cleanser), sodium percarbonate (mineral based oxygenating cleanser), sodium borate (ensures soap products rinse free), soap flakes (Smith & Sayer 100% coconut oil soap, not superfatted),  sodium metasilicate (stops hardwater deposit build up), fruit enzymes (breaks down stains), orange oil

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