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Kids Hair Care Set

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This set contains our mildest shampoo bar and a 60mL bottle of our Calming Oat Leave-in Conditioner. The package is compostable, including the plant based cellophane.

Mild Marigold Shampoo Bar

Many of my customers use this on their children's hair and it is very easy for the child to use themselves. You only need a quick sweep of the bar across the scalp and use the foam to cleanse the hair and scalp.

This bar is formulated for the hair and scalp and has a ph of around 5.25-5.5. No more tears products are a ph of 7 (which is a little harsh for the hair), as such try to keep this out of eyes if possible as it may sting a little.

This product is 100% naturally derived, not tested on animals and is waste free!!


coconut derived cleansers, coconut derived conditioners, sodium lactate (vegetable derived), oat proteins (Hydrolyzed Oats), Calendula officinalis Calendula oil in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5, vegetable derived), Geogard ECOcert Natural Preservative, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit oil


Calming Oat Leave-in Conditioner

This may just help with your morning routine or straight out of the bath screaming match. If you have a child with long fine hair, you will know what I mean!


Spray onto either wet or dry hair, avoid the scalp area. Leave to absorb for a couple of minutes then gently brush through. Enjoy that shine!


Distilled water, honeyquat, coconut derived conditioning agents, glycerin, sodium lactate, aloe vera, castor oil, oat proteins, natural silicone replacements, peppermint and eucalyptus lemon essential oils, Geogard ECOcert Natural preservative

60 mL

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