Hand Cream


**Please note, this product will be discontinued when current stock levels are depleted*

We've kept the ingredients as simple as possible while still working hard to make sure your hands get the help they need. This hand cream is quite a thick cream and a little goes a long way, we advise that you only use a pea sized amount. It absorbs fast and will last a few hand washes before you need to reapply.

Each of the variants has been carefully selected to nourish without greasiness, to absorb super fast, to have a subtle scent.


SUNSHINE A lovely combination of Sunflower Oil and Mango Butter, with a light Lemon scent. Gorgeous gold mica gives this cream a slight shimmer.

INDIGO SEA A rich combination of Safflower Oil and Shea Butter, with a complex scent of the seaside. A tiny shimmer of light blue mica added.

SUMMER A nourishing combination of Soya Oil and Mango Butter with a summery strawberry scent. Slight touch of pink mica added for extra prettiness.

UNSCENTED A lovely combination of Sunflower Oil and Sustainably produced (RSPO)  Palm Oil with little discernible scent. No mica added. No Oat protein.

Ingredients: distilled water, specified oil, specified butter, coconut conditioners, oat protein (none in unscented), specified essential oils, Geogard ECOcert natural preservative, specified mica (none in unscented).

- Paraben, phthalate free
- Petrochemical free
- Formaldehyde free
- Vegan
- 100% naturally derived ingredients
- Animal byproducts free
- Never tested on animals

120 mL

Please be aware due to bottle shortages, packaging may vary from those shown although they will still look fab x

Type: Unknown Type

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