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Smith & Sayer

Body Lotion

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We've kept the ingredients as simple as possible while still working hard to get your skin back to luscious and soft. Each of the variants has been carefully selected to nourish without greasiness, to absorb super fast, to have a subtle scent.


120 squeezy tottle / 250 bottle with dispensing lid / 500 with pump mL


INDIGO SEA Formulated for Dry skin. Sunflower Oil paired with Mango Butter, with our ever popular Indigo sea scent combo of lavender, spearmint & sweet orange essential oils

LEMONGRASS Formulated for Very Dry skin. Avocado Oil paired with Shea Butter, with Lemongrass essential oils

SANDALWOOD Formulated for Normal skin. Safflower Oil paired with Mango Butter, with organic Sandalwood fragrance oil

Ingredients: distilled water, specified oil, specified butter, coconut conditioners, oat protein, specified essential/organic fragrance oils, Geogard ECOcert natural preservative, mica

- Paraben, phthalate free
- Petrochemical free
- Formaldehyde free
- Vegan
- 100% naturally derived ingredients
- Animal byproducts free
- Never tested on animals

Please Note the Lime and Peppermint scent options have been discontinued.

Please be aware due to bottle shortages, packaging may vary from those shown although they will still look fab x