Dish Foam

This is such a handy little product. You can use for your mug and lunch containers at work, we use it when we camp as you only use as much as you need, no waste at all! We've added aloe vera and some moisturizers to help with your skin too.

It's also great for your beeswax wraps as its ph balanced so won't deteriorate the beeswax coating but will still clean it thoroughly.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Smith & Sayer 100% coconut soap, foaming apple (apple based cleanser), coco glucoside (vegetable based cleanser), potassium sorbate (mountain ash based preservative), glycerin (vegetable based humectant), sodium lactate (vegetable based humectant), enzymes (amino acid proteins, cleansers), aloe vera (moisturiser), lemon & lime essential oils

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