Body Scrub

Our body scrub is both emulsified and conditioning, it doesn't just scrub! It also will not leave an oil slick in the tub. 

Use the wooden spoon provided to scoop out and rub on the skin (some people may find this too scrubby for the face). You'll notice as you rub the skin that the oils actually turn into a cream. The scrub is sugar based, so as you scrub it will dissolve ensuring its not too scrubby!

It has our lovely uplifting scent of Indigo Sea, the scent will not linger once washed off. If you would like the scent to hang around follow with our Body Cream.


Safflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, coconut oil emulsifier, vitamin e oil, spirulina powder, indigo powder, lavender, sweet orange and spearmint essential oil

Small wooden spoon included.


Type: Body

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