Body Cream

This is definitely the hard hitter of our moisturizing range! It's a truly luscious, luxurious, thick cream but absorbs quickly and will target those dry elbows and knees to stop any itchiness or dry patches. It is scented with our lovely Indigo Sea scent, a mix of lavender, spearmint and sweet orange essential oils, it lingers a little once on the skin but is not overpowering and its a wonderful 'clean' type of scent too.

We've added a touch of spirulina which is high in antioxidants to reduce swelling and even out the skin tone, it really helps with those shaving rashes and bumps too.

The oil/butter duo are Safflower Oil and Shea Butter and create a wonderful rich cream without greasiness. The Safflower Oil helps to smooth out skin and the Shea Butter can even help with very dry, cracked skin. Together they have amazing skin conditioning, softening and smoothing properties.


Distilled water, safflower oil, shea butter, coconut based skin conditioners, Pro Vitamin B5, spirulina powder, GeogardECOcert natural preservative, sweet orange, spearmint & lavender essential oils, indigo powder


Type: Body

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