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Bathroom Cleaning Concentrate

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**This is a wholesale product which is intended for those that use a large amount of cleaning product**

To make up 1L of a normal strength cleaner use 250ml of concentrate mixed with 750ml of warm water, for 500ml mix 125ml of product with 375ml of warm water.

1L of concentrate = 4L of normal strength cleaner

2L of concentrate = 8L of normal strength cleaner

4L of concentrate = 16L of normal strength cleaner

8L of concentrate = 32L of normal strength cleaner

This is an unscented product. Please ensure you wear gloves when making up as although it is a natural product it could irritate some peoples skin. Buying the concentrate is not only more environmentally friendly it is 60% cheaper than buying separately.

Please be aware these products are quite expensive to have shipped, if you do choose to have them shipped I will contact you to discuss extra shipping charges.

1L and 2L comes in multiple  500ml paper refill pouches. 4L and 8L are in plastic jugs which we can refill.

Works well with our 500ml glass bottles (available separately).

Base Ingredients: Filtered water, sodium bicarbonate (salts of a mined ore, disinfecting and deodorizing agent), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (NOT SLS) (vegetable based cleanser), enzymes (amino acid proteins, cleansers), potassium sorbate (natural potassium salt of sorbic acid from mountain ash trees, preservative)

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