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All Purpose Cleaning Spray

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This all round star can tackle most of your cleaning needs around your home. The ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic so you can use without worrying about adding toxicity into your home and the environment. We have added enzymes to give that extra natural cleaning boost.

This formula does smell of vinegar, it's one of the great natural cleaners, so if vinegar is not your favourite smell go for one of the scented variants or our Bathroom Cleaner as this doesn't have vinegar.

Scented: the variants can add a nice background smell to your cleaning routine, none are overpowering, all are from 100% natural essential oils.

Base Ingredients: Filtered water, white vinegar, coco glucoside (coconut based cleanser), enzymes (amino acid proteins, cleansers), potassium sorbate (natural potassium salt of sorbic acid from mountain ash trees, preservative)

Scented: also contain stated essential oils and polysorbate 20 (vegetable based solubilizer, keeps essential oils suspended throughout the cleaner)

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