Update May 2022: Unfortunately our shipping charges have increased for each zone as our shipping partners have increased their prices due to the very high gas prices, we still charge less than it actually costs us as we feel that the more we charge for shipping the less likely you are to purchase.

We offer free delivery for a specified area, please see the map above, free delivery in the area is available for purchase over $40. It may take up to a week to see that your items have shipped/been delivered/ready for pick up.

Free pick-up is still available to anyone, I have a clean area for pick ups,  the pick up option is a tab option on the page where you are asked for your shipping address.

The Free Shipping threshold for Ontario is $100. This option is available at checkout. Shipping options vary according to your location, the weight and dollar amount of your purchases. When you get to the shipping page any relevant shipping options will appear automatically. Please don't hesitate to contact me is you have any questions.