About Me

I have been making my own cleaning and personal care products for years, I've tweaked them until they work perfectly. The reason for making my own stuff is that I am sensitive to commercial detergents and synthetic ingredients and it can be miserable trying to find something that works for you...the amount of slightly used facial moisturizers that I have given away over the years is embarrassing! So I make my own!

My product range is growing as I develop and test new formulations. One product I am most proud of are my waste-free items such as shampoo bars, which I LOVE!! They last for months and you have no guilt!

We are working towards using only recycled or even better biodegradable containers but these are not commercially available to the small batch makers yet, that's a yet, as they will be. When they are I will change over. We always recycle and our bottles and closures are recyclable. Glass works for some products but using them for a cleaning range is too dangerous. We've recently added recycled paper refill pouches to cut down on waste even further.

All of our products that contain water are preserved, this is a standard we will not be changing. They are preserved using naturally derived preservatives, more and more inventive and excellent natural preservatives are becoming available all the time, as the industry advances we adopt the best new products.

Our true focus is to help busy people reduce toxicity in their lives and home. All of our products are non-toxic, they do not persist in the environment.