Room Spray


Our Room Sprays are 100% all natural and unlike others will not add toxic chemicals to your home or office environment. They don't overpower and linger for a few hours after each spray.

Adding gentle fragrance to your home can uplift your mood or bring calm, you get to choose! 

English Garden and Thai Beach are intended to add a soft and calming aroma while Citrus Spice and Mint Explosion give a lifting hit to your senses.

Christmas Tree is an evocative scent for those of us that do not have a real Christmas Tree.

Christmas Spice is a wonderful mix of anise, clove and orange essential oils, intended to smell just like cloved oranges of old.

Winter Solstice is a complex mix of essential oils, it brings a calm and mellow scent to a room.

Please use with caution around animals and children and those sensitive to essential oils. Avoid spraying directly onto the floor or skin.

Ingredients: Filtered water, ethanol (corn based solvent, preservative), essential oils and Polysorbate 20 (vegetable oil based solubilizer, keeps essential oils suspended throughout the spray)

Type: Room Spray

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