Fabulous Dry Shampoo, shamelessly named!

Fabulous Dry Shampoo, shamelessly named!


Throughout this journey of making stuff for myself because I have very sensitive skin (and scalp), I’ve had many successes and a few failures. One cleaning product I haven’t nailed yet is dishwasher powder and rinse aid. I’ve made one that’s OK, but that’s not good enough and I never sell anything that doesn’t work, ever.

As some of you will already know I have been selling some personal care items including shampoo bars, conditioner bars, micellar water and hair conditioner. They are selling very well and are popular which is wonderful, thanks everyone!! They are popular because they work, have less packaging and travel very easily.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to wash my hair every day and using my hair care products I don’t really need to. But that third day is ugly, with separated strands and lank, lifeless hair, not pretty. I have used many dry shampoos and some are great, but I’ve never liked the spray versions due to the waste, and some of them just make my hair and scalp feel awful. I’ve had a few versions of my own but haven’t been totally happy with any of them, until now, yay!!

This time I adjusted the formulations and added just the right amount of pink clay and the results have been fantastic, well fabulous to be exact :) our Fabulous Dry Shampoo has arrived! I added chamomile for the light to medium haired, cocoa powder for the medium to dark haired and left one neutral for everyone.

Those “lovely” pictures I’ve added show my hair on day 3 and then directly after applying, then the third one shows the end of the day. Seeing those pictures (apologies for the quality!) makes me very proud and happy. I can now use dry shampoo and not feel guilty or like my hair has glue in it as our dry shampoo brushes out without that awful brush sticking residue. Hope you like it <3