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How to use our Shampoo Bars

February 25, 2020

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This time I adjusted the formulations and added just the right amount of pink clay and the results have been fantastic, well fabulous to be exact :) our Fabulous Dry Shampoo has arrived! I added chamomile for the light to medium haired, cocoa powder for the medium to dark haired and left one neutral for everyone. Read More

About our Ingredients

May 08, 2019

An easy to read overview of our ingredients, what they are made from and their use in our products. Read More
One of the traditional home cleaners that is top of my "nasties" list is furniture polish. I know it can be a challenge to find the time to fully research everything we use in our homes, I think if we tried to do this it would take hundreds of hours! I am hoping I can provide you with a little background information to help make informed decisions on what products to choose for a clean home without adding toxicity to your environment.
This stuff is just nasty, the combination of ingredients when all you want to do is add a little shine to your furniture is not worth this toxic mixture. Rather than this stuff try a damp cloth for an adequate clean.
If you want to ramp up the shine, now obviously I am a little biased in saying that my Smith & Sayer furniture polish is fabulous :) It has simple, safe and effective ingredients and every one of them has a job to do. The addition of locally produced Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil gives your furniture a wonderful shine without overloading the surface.
If you do want to take a little more time to research what the ingredients are in the products you use, one of my go-to resource is the Environmental Working Group's Guide to Healthy Cleaning, they independently rate the ingredients so you can choose what to use.
Happy Polishing!

Homemade Cleaning Wipes

January 15, 2018

Want to try making your own cleaning wipes? Take a look at my latest blog. These are easy and economical and are made in minutes!

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multiple pet stain removing spray natural non-toxic

Daisy, our beautiful and quirky calico cat always pees beside the litter tray and no cup of coffee is safe from Tosca our 100lb clumsy and gorgeous Bouvier des Flandres. We love them, and the other 3 but we don't love the stains they create.

Trying to clean up without adding toxic chemicals to our home and the environment is something that I have been working on. Thankfully I found a winning combination of non-toxic, 100% natural plant/ore based ingredients that clean up any stain our pets (and us) manage to make. Our Stain Removing Spray quickly and effectively removes all trace of urine, coffee, tea, make-up, grease and all manner of other stains. Just spray it on, leave for a few minutes and rub with a cloth or wash in the washer (if it fits).

This is what's in the spray: filtered water, hydrogen peroxide (soda ash based oxygenating bleach), decyl glucoside (plant based cleanser), sodium bicarbonate (ore based cleanser, deodorizer), potassium sorbate (mountain ash based preservative), enzymes (amino acid proteins from fruit, cleansers). See, nothing nasty in there!

If you have any old annoying carpet stains, questionable pet habits or still wear that favourite top with the grease spot because you just love it maybe you should check out our e-store, CountryBrit and add some of our Stain Removing Spray to your basket!